Dear Yogangsters,
During the last few weeks we’ve been thinking about Yogangster. Our goal has always been to connect yoga with as many people as we can around the world and, in amidst these unprecedented times we’ve all been facing, we’ve got a lot of joy out of connecting with so many of you through our online promotions and giveaways.

Our light hearted approach coupled with our consistent dedication to the mat proves that you don't have to take yoga too seriously to take your yoga seriously.  Without the yoga we would not have gotten through what has undoubtedly been and continues to be one of the most challenging times of our lives.

With all this in mind we’ve decided to change our model a bit and are going to be a purely online business.  We feel we can connect more directly with you and we can also sell our products to you at a lower price when we don’t have to do wholesale as well.  We’re deeply grateful for all the studios we’ve worked with around the world and will always support you through events and ways to continue to raise awareness of our beautiful practice. But in moving to a purely online model we know that we can make an ever bigger difference, connect more yogis globally and continue to raise awareness of the benefits of our practice.

We will have a summer capsule loungewear collection launching in a few weeks, with our next activewear collection launching later summer - it's off the scale I cannot wait to share it with you.  Until then continue to join us online, through instagram, our upcoming live sessions with our YG crew and most importantly keep getting on your mat!

Peace & Light.



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