Yogangster Pop-up X Soho Radio

We're excited to announce our first event of 2018...

From the 13th to the 31st January we'll be taking over the Jäger Soho space at Soho Radio. 

We'll have all the latest Yogangster collections available for you to try and buy. Plus throughout our residency, we'll be presenting a whole host of special shows and in-store events featuring some of our favorite fellow brands and brand ambassadors, including Tea IndiaFierce Grace & Michelle Varchione.

You can also pick up some Raw Living favourites in store, including Kate's Magic Mix and yummy vegan chocolate. Plus pimp your breakfast bowl with Granola for Gangsters delicious granola, now also available!

Shop Opening Hours
Monday: 10am - 6pm
Tuesday: 10am - 6pm
Wednesday: 10am - 6pm
Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 12pm - 5pm
Sunday: Closed 

Yogangster Radio Schedule
If your not in London don't fret, you can listen online, worldwide!

Kicking off our series of events this month is Kate Magic founder of Raw Living. She took over the 4 To The Floor show to talk about all things yoga and the role that healthy eating, and particularly superfoods can play in supporting our yoga practice and helping us develop to become stronger yogis.
In case you missed it... CLICK HERE

Fierce Grace Yoga teacher Sorcha Finch-Murray gives the Free Seed team an insight into the world of yoga!
In case you missed it... CLICK HERE

William Sitwell talks all this tea with Tea India's Lisa Worthington.
In case you missed it... CLICK HERE

Yoga with Michelle Varchione
Why not have a go yourself and follow along at home, video coming soon.

Upcoming shows...

Sunday 28th - 10am
Tune into the culture channel for some morning meditation with 
Megan Grey-Hues & Lisa Vickery. Listen here...

Tuesday 30th - 9am - 10am
Granola for Gangsters founder Sarah Napier will be telling William Sitwell how to pimp his breakfast bowl.

Wednesday 31st - 9am - 10am
Calum Best will be chatting with Kelly Ford about Best Me Life plus playing some of his favourite tracks.



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