Catie Foroughi

Catie is an organic vegan Yoga Coach and trained Yoga Therapist who's core approach is anything is possible! She naturally embodied yoga in a very lucid manner from childhood and delighted in the play of form. Though the asanas came much later to Catie she left a life that included a ‘career/ work/ hedge fund lawyer’ to one where she I lives her Love.

Catie's passion guides and informs every action and this ‘all-encompassing vision’ creates love and absolute joy… but most important is the Universality of she does. Spontaneous with an original integrated approach to yoga, that involves dynamic connective energy Catie has developed CYoga - ‘Magic Moment of Involvement’ with Love/ Yoga"; It is fun!

Catie has a complete freedom approach and conducts all types of classes including one-on-one and group yoga, master classes and yoga training intensives at some of the world’s naturally beautiful locations. Many of the Intensives she offers and co-creates with others are backbend and handstand focused.

“Backbends are transforming and handstands are about creating the life you love.”

Catie has studied many styles of yoga and believes that handstands from the inside out can transform weaker areas in one’s yoga practise to one’s greatest strengths… always expanding with love...

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