Sindy Haque

Years before Sindy stepped onto a yoga mat she pursued a career in music. Her love of music had its highs and lows. Through touring and performing she found her once mild anxiety started to worsen.

After a near death experience in 2004 and having suffered PTSD, a friend recommended she try hot yoga. Sindy was hooked after her first class, feeling for the first time in a long time that she was able to press pause on her busy negative 'thoughts' and just breathe. She attended class every day for 6 months and then went straight to teacher training!

Sindy qualified in 2009 and has taught pretty much every day since. In 2015 she completed her Advanced Personal Training with the YMCA.

Sindy strongly believes you should practice what you preach. To continue to grow as a teacher, you must keep your practice up as well as continue to study your craft. In 2016, Sindy completed her 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training with one of her beloved teachers, Stewart Gilchrist.

Many people describe their public classes in their bio - Sindy feels that this is an impossible task as each class is a unique connection between teacher and student - that is why she feels teaching is the best job in the world!

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